February 04, 2023

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Lots of hiking, lots of nature… not a lot of sleep. But it’s just a week!

  • Central Java: Borobudur, Prambanan
  • East Java: Tumpak Sewu (a waterfall), Mount Bromo (a volcano), Madakaripura (another waterfall), Mount Ijen (another volcano)
  • Bali: Kuta, Uluwatu, Nusa Penida

Examples and Guides

These are other itineraries and guides that cover Central Java, East Java, and Bali. A lot of these I used as inspiration; feel free to consult them as well.


Useful links I kept on hand throughout the trip.


Products I would consider purchasing before you leave! (I’ll try and come back later to add recommended product links.)

  • Head lamp
  • Hiking sandals
  • Hiking socks (long socks)
  • Hiking pants
  • Water safe bags; things to prevent stuff from getting wet
  • Bandana or some kind of face covering (neck gaiter)
  • Beanie, gloves
  • Day pack


Here’s our actual itinerary!

Day 1

  • Date: Friday, February 3rd
  • Location: Yogyakarta, Indonesia
  • Highlights: My friend arrives; sees Prambanan Temple
  • Weather: AccuWeather

My friend arrives in Indonesia in the morning, and heads to the Prambanan Temple. He then checks into his hostel, has food, and explores sites around the city.

Day 2

  • Date: Saturday, February 4th
  • Location: Yogyakarta, Indonesia
  • Highlights: I arrive, Borobudur
  • Weather: AccuWeather

Spend the day in Borobudur and head to Malang.

Here’s a guide to Borobudur. The cost is USD ~25, though there is a bundle ticket with Prambanan for USD ~45.

I arrive around 1000, and depart towards the city center. Alternatively, I could depart straight for Borobudur. To head from YIA to the temple, see this article. I think the plan is to check the DAMRI bus, and if it’s available hop on (with maybe a quick grab-and-go meal, or eat at the temple). And if the timing isn’t good, head to city center, eat, then leave. With that in mind, the latest arrival at the temple should be ~1330. Spend ~3 hours at the template, before heading back (~1 hour approx.), for arrival around 1800. Eat dinner, and head to the train to get set for Malang.

Train tickets are booked and available here. Going for KIA in Executive class (on coach ‘I’… we’ll see if that matters) to Malang.

Day 3

  • Date: Sunday, February 5th
  • Location: Malang, Indonesia
  • Highlights: Arrive in Malang at 0306, and head to the Tumpak Sewu waterfall
  • Weather: AccuWeather

Arrive in Malang around 0306. Head to the waterfall around 0500 or 0530, via taxi (or some kind of driver). Then arrive at 0700 or 0730.

Guide to the falls.

At the falls, there are two entrances. We can head to the Lumajang side first, early in the morning, and then down to the falls. Finally, (if we’d like), we can see the Coban side. To get to the bottom, you have to go through a waterfall, so wear waterproof shoes; there’s a guide rope to climb down. (This might be too dangerous in wet season.) The west side (Coban Sewu) entrance is dangerous, but the east side (Lumajang) is more safe.

Also, be aware there are fees are various points, so have cash on hand.

Aside: the Lumajang view point is also great for a drone. Professional electronics won’t be usable, since it’s constantly wet.

It costs about IDR20,000 to enter, though it can be more.

After, we can head to the Goa Tetes and explore. This part is a lot more chill. It’s near when you begin to enter the base of the falls.

Then we leave, and depart for our hotel at the base of Bromo. The hostel (through our tour with Vincent) is the Café Lava Hostel.

Price wise, you have the option to do it with a tour or on your own.

Our preference: approximately EUR184 per person (so EUR368 total) to do the tour (as-is; could modify).

or, could book piecemeal

  • Taxi from Malang to Tumpak Sewu, 48
  • Taxi from Tumpak Sewu to Bromo, ~60 (depends on exact destination)
  • Bromo tour, TODO (drop-off in Probolinggo)
    • (With the tour this included Madakaripura!)
    • Either USD17 and USD60 (maximum) for a jeep rental; plus a trip to Probolinggo (probably), say USD50; and a hostel (say USD20)
    • (Or a separate tour?)

Day 4

  • Date: Monday, February 6th
  • Location: Probolinggo, Indonesia
  • Highlights: Mount Bromo; Mount Ijen (overnight)
  • Weather: AccuWeather

Start the day very early by doing the Mount Bromo sunrise hike.

Guide to Mount Bromo.

Not too complicated; the tour will do it for us.

After, head through to Probolinggo. Our tour will drop us off there.

Spend the day in Probolinggo, before hopping on a train towards Ijen (specifically, Banyuwangi). The station that’s best to head to Ijen is Banyuwangi Ketapang (since it’s close to Ijen Backpacker, our hostel). There’s a train that departs Probolinggo at 1542 and arrives at 1949; this gives us a decent window to check in and sleep, before heading for Ijen.

Guide to Mount Ijen.

From our hostel, we can get a ride to Ijen around midnight. See the article for a few tips; our hostel should help us. Biggest thing will be a mask for the mountain; at least pack a bandana.

TODO: book train from Malang to Probolinggo and book hostel in Ijen; plus maybe the ferry to Bali and the ride from hostel to Ijen. (Plus I will book Bali 2-night hostel; delay for my friend’s friend.)

Day 5

  • Date: Tuesday, February 7th
  • Location: Probolinggo, Indonesia
  • Highlights: Mount Ijen (morning); Bali
  • Weather: AccuWeather

Start the day again, very early, atop Mount Ijen. Go from Mount Ijen on the ferry to Bali, and spend the day there.

Can head to ferry via the hostel. Hostel can be the Ijen Backpacker; it’s close to Ketapang and the ferry.

Check out the rice plantations, before my friend heads to the airport.

Tanah Lot, Monkey sanctuary, rice plantations.

Day 6

  • Date: Wednesday, February 8th
  • Location: Bali, Indonesia
  • Highlights: Nusa Penida snorkeling tour, Uluwatu
  • Weather: AccuWeather

Spend the day in Bali. Head down to Nusa Penida for a bit, grab food and watch the sunset on a beach. Will take some planning later this week.

(Doing a Nusa Penida day trip, ending at Uluwatu, finally will grab back to hostel.)

Day 7

  • Date: Thursday, February 9th
  • Location: Singapore, Singapore
  • Highlights: Travel back to Singapore.
  • Weather: AccuWeather

Head to the airport and fly home.


This travel is during the rainy season. Every day will be very, very rainy.

Bali Weather & Bali Climate, from their official website (“”).

NOTE: Weather can be extreme. Very cold on the top of the mountains, for example, while at other times being, hot, humid, and rainy.


(This list if very out-of-date. I’ll come back to later.)

  • ARANG state bar
  • Coconut ice cream
  • Balinese Home Cooking
  • R.A.K. coffee


  • Sumatra (see orangutans!)
  • Cities: Jakarta, Surabaya

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