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My name is Michael DeMarco and I am a fifth-year Honours Computer Science and Data Science minor student at The University of British Columbia in Vancouver, BC. I'm interested in all things computing, including smart technology, distributed systems, and machine learning. To learn more about my background, keep scrolling to view an interactive version of my resume. If you would prefer the classic PDF style, click here.

Have any questions or just want to chat? Feel free to grab a 30-minute slot (via Calendly) on my "office hours" here. You can also check out my free/busy calendar here.

Education 🍎

Learn more about my time at UBC here.
Vancouver, British Columbia—Sep 2019 to Apr 2024
  • Computer Science
  • Grade: 93% (4.33/4.33)
Computer Hardware and Operating Systems
Intermediate Algorithm Design and Analysis
Internet Computing

Experience 👨‍💻

Read about my experiences in-depth here.
Saint-Hubert, Québec—May 2023 to Aug 2023
  • Implemented a genetic algorithm for selecting waypoints based on scientific value, distance, and Lunar rover capability.
  • Leveraged caching, parallelization, and data structures to reduce computation time by 90% for A-to-B shortest path subroutine.
  • Developed multi-directional search algorithm using random trees to navigate static and dynamic obstacles between chosen waypoints.
  • Integrated algorithm with web interface using React and Django to empower 10+ scientists to plan missions for 2027 launch.
Lunar Exploration Accelerator Program (LEAP)
Palo Alto, California—Sep 2022 to Dec 2022
  • Collaborated on internal mapping tool to assess and optimize placement of Supercharger stations around the globe.
  • Led development of feature to efficiently visualize thousands of site opportunities with existing sites using Flask and React.
  • Leveraged React best practices to improve code re-use in map UI and its related filters and tools, enabling future extensibility.
Energy UI
Toronto, Ontario—May 2022 to Aug 2022
  • Enhanced supply chain vendor onboarding for complex, six-step multipage form with tailored product tours in React.
  • Introduced proxy layer for API calls to enable form experimentation during tours with minimal impact to existing codebase.
  • Eliminated need for weekly synchronous vendor on-boarding sessions and reduced FAQ-like tickets given to support team by 90%.
  • Developed API to track engagement with tours using TypeScript and Jest, achieving >95% code coverage.
Supply Chain Optimization Technologies (SCOT)
Vancouver, British Columbia—Jan 2021 to Aug 2021
  • Migrated legacy web app written in Drupal to service-oriented architecture with React and Node, complete with unit tests.
  • Improved coverage from 70% to >90% across Node services, including tests for code validating APKs approved for Knox devices.
  • Created ETL pipeline and Node service to summarize QR code data from 800,000+ phones for analytics dashboard.
  • Refactored MongoDB aggregation queries and refined indexes to improve endpoint response time by up to 50%.
Samsung Knox

Projects 🏗️

I also give each project a write-up! Read more about them here.
Waterloo, Ontario—Sep 2022 to present
  • Built proof-of-concept app to solve technical problems via LLM responses, undetected, using JavaScript, Python, and GPT-4.
  • Earned finalist distinction at Hack The North 2023 out of field of 250 project submissions.
Vancouver, British Columbia—Jun 2020 to present
  • Developed Visual Studio Code extension to import technical interview problems into your IDE using TypeScript.
  • Won Microsoft's "Best Use of External API" award and has 260+ installs.

Activities 🏃‍♂️

Read more about ways I'm getting involved here.
Remote, Remote—May 2023 to Aug 2023
  • Curated and edited release notes from relevant pull requests for the v1.28 release of Kubernetes.
  • Coordinated with special interest groups (SIGs) to ensure release note accuracy and determined major themes.
Remote, Remote—Sep 2020 to present
  • Led 5 workshops at hackathons country-wide for 400+ participants on topics such as React and machine learning.
  • Developed engaging delivery style that actively involves participants throughout workshop; recordings have garnered 500+ views.

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