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Orchard Commons Residence Marketing header

Orchard Commons Residence Marketing

May 02, 2020

I served on my residence's house council in first year and did a lot of neat graphic design projects!

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Science Undergrad Society First Year Committee (SUS FYC) header

Science Undergrad Society First Year Committee (SUS FYC)

April 30, 2020

I joined SUS FYC in my first-year at UBC. Here are some cool things I made planning events with them!

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The Gateway Campaign Advertising header

The Gateway Campaign Advertising

March 02, 2020

The Gateway is the University of Alberta's student-run newspaper. I assisted on their campaign for additional funding.

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SUNIA Branding & Marketing header

SUNIA Branding & Marketing

December 01, 2019

I served as SUNIA's Marketing for our 2018/19 year. Here's some things I made in the role!

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McNally Graduation 2019 header

McNally Graduation 2019

May 30, 2019

I created advertising to support funding our high school graduation, a Snapchat filter for our prom, and the pamphlet distributed at commencement.

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McNally Wrestling Team header

McNally Wrestling Team

April 05, 2019

I created merch designs for the wrestling team in high school. The one they used is the first one shown.

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