May 03, 2020

Create and manage your citations without all the headaches!


This project was made for CPSC 210, a UBC second-year course focused on software construction. The course uses Java, and likewise this project was made using Java and JavaFX for the UI. I asked my girlfriend if she had any project ideas, and she mentioned she struggled keeping track of citations for her assignments, so I wanted to build a tool that could meet her needs. I felt the exact same feeling when I wrote my 4,000 word Extended Essay in high school. Trying to remember and keep track of citations can be hard if you’re not an experienced writer.


A user can create an account and manage a list of assignments. With each assignment, they can paragraph-by-paragraph manage citations (e.g., who are you citing, what page number, etc.) and then automatically generate a works-cited page with reported “confidence.”

How it’s made

The project is made with vanilla Java and JavaFX.


I struggled quite a bit with the algorithm to generate citations, but I’m happy with what I ended up with! Maybe I’ll release it separately as an API or something.


I think the project structure is quite nice, and I’m happy with the UI! It was my first time using JavaFX.


It’d be cool to port this to an Android app or something. I should also probably created a “released” version.

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